Building Features

Each unit has it's own Heating, Ventilaiton and Air Conditioning System, it's own electrical system and it's own electric hot water heater.  Heating units are 90% plus rated for efficiency.

Security is provided by a coded entry system.  Each condo has it's own entry code, or visitors may contact a condo resident by the touch pad in the entry. 

A large, high capacity elevator services each floor as well as to the basement.  

All hallways and corridors are spacious and handicapped accessible. 

The entire building is protected by a monitored fire protection system. 

To assure fire protection, insulation, and minimize sound transmission, partitions between condo units are double 2 x 6  construction, completely filled with insulation and covered on each side with two layers of fireguard gypsum drywall panels.  This construcion extends from floor to the floor above.  Floor sheating is covered with  1 1/2 inches of gypsum concrete placed over the floor sheating.  Ceilings are 5/8 fireguard drywall panels and where ceiling are dropped, an additional layer of drywall has been placed. 

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